Two machines for one price

Varga Laminator-Slitter
Varga Laminator-Slitter

Laminator-Slitter Compact


The increasing competition on the market requires the use of higher and higher quality packaging materials. A part of this is the laminating technology by which the beneficial features of the various raw materials are added, thus creating a multi-layer material capable of delivering high quality materials for virtually any manufacturing field. From printing technology point of view it is important to note that the print itself can be enclosed between two layers enabling the material to meet more rigorous health and medical requirements in addition to having nicer aesthetic effect. Raw materials are printed, laminated and cut from roll to roll. Laminator machines cannot always be used in full shifts since printed materials do not always need to be laminated. After lamination, however, edges always need to be removed and if multiple print lines are printed side-by-side, then the material on the reel must be slit. This means that besides the laminator machine, a slitter-rewinder is always required.

Two machines for one price

As a unique solution in the world we equipped all of our laminator machines with slitter unit and this way offering to our Customers two complete machines with one investment with better utilization and faster return on investment.



  • two machines for one price
  • fast ROI
  • five functions in one machine
  • easy handling, quick learning
  • industry 4.0 efficiency automation
  • quality assurance solutions
  • better quality due to short web path, less waste
  • high speed 600 m/min reel cutting, 300 m/min lamination
  • low operating costs
  • compact design, low space requirement
  • technology support and remote control
  • predictive maintenance
  • excellent resale value
Flexonyomógépek, tekercsvágók, laminálók gyártása | Two machines for one price


  • preparation and cutting of raw materials
  • laminating
  • adhesive dosing
  • reel slitting
  • edge extraction with edge exhaust


During lamination one side of the raw material is applied with a thin uniform layer of adhesive, then the other material is pressed against it by assuring no air is left between the two, thereby producing a duplex raw material. By repeating the same step, we can produce a triplex material structure. Our winding laminating machines operate with solvent free lukewarm adhesives enabling efficient and high quality production of even small quantities and replace the previously used solvent technology harmful for the environment.

The removable side-shift sleeve laminator consists of 5 cylinders out of which two are tempered in order to control the temperature of the adhesive. The laminating cylinder is a built-in air-cylinder onto which rubber sleeves can be pulled from the side of the machine with the help of special valves. A rubber laminator sleeve is pulled over to the center of the air-cylinder, shorter than air-cylinder’s mantle (cut to the exact length of the laminating width).

The speed of the laminating cylinder is controlled, raised and actuated by separate servo-motors. The pressure roller is actuated by pneumatics with central compressive force control. The thickness of the adhesive is controlled by a continuously variable transmission, enabling the application of 1 g/m2 adhesive thickness, though the optimal thickness is 1,8-2 g/m2. This setting can be changed even during production. The temperature of the metal pressure roller and the heated rollers of the laminator unit is provided by a temperature control device, preventing overheating. A color touch-screen terminal is used to control adhesive thickness, programming of the meter counter, saving parameter settings and other functions. Corona surface treater, antistatic equipment and adhesive vapor exhaust unit are optional.

Flexonyomógépek, tekercsvágók, laminálók gyártása | Laminating
Flexonyomógépek, tekercsvágók, laminálók gyártása | Reel slitting

Reel slitting

By a single switch and re-threading of the material, the laminator function can be turned into a slitter-rewinder. This means machine is able to perform two tasks with better utilization and faster return on investment. The pneumatic actuation knife holder is suitable for both rotary knives and industrial blades. In basic configuration the machine is equipped with edge exhaust, which are use when slitting the edges of laminated materials. Also, a laser marker is part of the slitting unit. When turned on, a laser beam marks the slitting line on the material and the position of the paper tubes on both expanding shafts, so the positioning of the paper tubes is easily done in case slitting.

Flexonyomógépek, tekercsvágók, laminálók gyártása | Adhesive dosing

Adhesive dosing

The purpose of the adhesive doser unit is to heat, mix and store two-component adhesive in a moisture-free environment and dosing the adhesive for the laminator machine according to a pre-set proportion to ensure uniform level of supply in between the rollers. Plastic guide flaps on the sides of the rollers prevent the adhesive from overflowing, so only small amounts of components need to be mixed at a time, ensuring that only insignificant amounts of adhesive is wasted by the end of the laminating process. Uniform mixing of the components is assisted by a pneumatic mixer which is mounted on the laminator, thereby guaranteeing the proper mixing of the adhesive in between the rollers with a continuous reciprocating motion. In case the machine stops, adhesive bonding time is extended by the continued rotation of the storage cylinders, thus preventing clogs. The doser is equipped with a static mixer head, gear pumps, inverters, dehumidifier and heater, all of which are controlled by the laminator’s color touch-screen terminal. The exact mixing ratio is checked by flow meters, adhesive levels are measured by ultrasonic sensors. Components of the adhesive arrive to the mixer head via separate supply lines so only short sections of the supply line must be cleaned. The mixed adhesive can be stored in the doser’s container for days, thereby minimizing adhesive waste.

Flexonyomógépek, tekercsvágók, laminálók gyártása | Structure


The compact design machine requires 10 m2 of space, installation is simple and the operation requires only electric power supply, cooling water and compressed air supply. The machine is built on a robust cast iron framework. Its stability is ensured by robust spacers.

Flexonyomógépek, tekercsvágók, laminálók gyártása | Speed


The mechanical speed of the machine is equal to its highest cutting speed of 600 m/min and maximum laminating speed of 300 m/min.

Flexonyomógépek, tekercsvágók, laminálók gyártása | Width


One of the main features of the Laminator-Slitter-rewinder is the laminating width. According to customer feedback raw material is available without extra charge of cutting mainly between 1200-1300 mm. The machine is designed not only to slit the reel and edge after the laminating process but also to prepare raw material for printing thus most of our customers order machines with 1200 mm maximum laminating width and 1300 mm maximum material width. As a manufacturer of unique machines as well, for special request we produce machines with maximum laminating width between 500-1500 mm.

Flexonyomógépek, tekercsvágók, laminálók gyártása | Winding


The purpose of the winding system is unwinding and rewinding of the substrate. Each winding unit is controlled by separate servo motors and top-quality servo inverters with built-in pulling force dynamometers, which maintain a constant positive pulling force of 5 Newton, with minimal energy, regardless of actual track speed and reel diameter. The desired positive pulling force can be set on a color touch screen terminal. The rollers are suitable for bi-directional winding while the substrate is kept stable and secured by conical clamps or pneumatic expanding shafts. Edge control systems equipped with motorized adjustable ultrasonic sensors is fitted in front of the winding roller and in back of the unwinding roller to ensure uniform lateral positioning of the substrate. On the unwinding unit „A” this is complemented by print detection camera which can control the print regardless whether or not the print is continuous or dashed and regardless of its width. Significance of this control becomes apparent during slitting when edge removal needs to be adjusted to the print.

Flexonyomógépek, tekercsvágók, laminálók gyártása | Online remote

Online remote

Thanks to the VPN connection, we can connect to our machines in case of of any assistance or error, and can start providing assistance, support or troubleshooting directly with our engineers free of charge. Software updates can also be installed via the remote monitoring system from our headquarters in Lengyeltóti.

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