The importance of the rewinder machine arises when the finished or semi-finished flexible packaging material rolls have to be rewound due to any error correction (change of running, error control, waste removal, etc.) or other technological operations (reel slitting, coating, personalization, etc.). In these cases, it is not necessary to load the printing press or the slitter-rewinder machine with significant losses, but the required task can be performed efficiently on the rewinder machine.

Diverse expandability

Bi-directional web running, efficient error correction and expansion with a wide range of technologies.



  • bi-directional web running
  • high speed 600 m/min
  • easy handling, quick learning
  • INDUSTRY 4.0 efficiency automation
  • fast ROI
  • low operating costs
  • compact design, low space requirement
  • technology support and remote control
  • predictive maintenance
  • excellent resale value



  • reel stilling to one shaft
  • edging
  • print inspection
  • laser systems for easy opening
  • micro and macro perforation
  • coating, primer, cold seal application
  • digital personalization
  • serial numbering
Flexonyomógépek, tekercsvágók, laminálók gyártása | Diverse expandability

Flexonyomógépek, tekercsvágók, laminálók gyártása | Rewinding


During rewinding several errors can be corrected: lateral unevenness of the reel; waste inside a roll, printing error removal; reel direction change. The rewinder can be expanded with a variety of technologies: reel slitting, edge extraction; checking of prints with error detection during operation; micro and macro perforation; laser systems for easy opening and other laser cutting; coating, primer, cold seal application with drying unit; digital personalization and serial numbering. Other technologies can be installed according to Customer's needs. The bi-directional web running provides more efficient winding during waste, print error removal. The built-in web guider ensures the even side of the reel. The machine can be operated and adjusted from a colorful touch screen interface.

Flexonyomógépek, tekercsvágók, laminálók gyártása | Print 4.0
Flexonyomógépek, tekercsvágók, laminálók gyártása | Structure


The compact design rewinder machine requires 10 m2 of space, installation is simple and the operation requires only electric power supply and air supply. The machine is built on a robust cast iron framework, its stability is ensured by robust spacers also.

Flexonyomógépek, tekercsvágók, laminálók gyártása | Speed


The mechanical speed of the machine is equal to its highest rewinding speed of 600 m/min forwards and 60 m/min backwards.

Flexonyomógépek, tekercsvágók, laminálók gyártása | Width


One of the main features of the rewinder machine is the rewinding material width. Most of the laminating and slitter-rewinder machines what we manufacture have a maximum processable material width of 1300 mm, so the basic rewinder machine is also ordered with a maximum material width of 1300 mm to be compatible with other machines. As a manufacturer of unique machines as well, for special request we produce machines with maximum winding width between 500-1500 mm.

Flexonyomógépek, tekercsvágók, laminálók gyártása | Winding


The purpose of the winding system is unwinding and rewinding of the substrate. Each winding unit is controlled by separate servo motors and top-quality servo inverters with built-in pulling force meters, which maintain a constant pulling force of 5 Newton, with minimal energy, regardless of actual reel diameter and path speed. The requested pulling force can be set on a color touch screen terminal. The un- and rewinding is suitable for bi-directional winding while the substrate is kept stable by air expanding shafts, to which reel lifting table also can be ordered. Web guiding control system is equipped with ultrasonic sensor after the unwinding to ensure the even side of the reel. The rewinding is also equipped with pneumatically operated pressure roller.


Flexonyomógépek, tekercsvágók, laminálók gyártása | Online remote

Online remote

Thanks to the VPN connection, we can connect to our machines in case of of any assistance or error, and can start providing assistance, support or troubleshooting directly with our engineers free of charge. Software updates can also be installed via the remote monitoring system from our headquarters in Lengyeltóti.

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