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Service, maintenance, assistance



The quick and safe repair service is ensured by our service team whose aim is to satisfy all the different flexographic requirements of our customers. We provide services during and following the warranty period on each of our product meaning that we start the repair service within 24 hours from notification wherever the machine is located within Europe. 


Our machines are equipped with free online remote monitoring system, we start the repair service within 1 hour from notification. Due to this free online remote monitoring system we can connect to the machine immediate and start the service even directly with the machine operators in case there is any need for help or service.


With the help of the remote monitoring system software updates can also be done directly from our Lengyeltóti headquarters. We believe that the production lines must be continuously and flawlessly operating, for this reason we also improve our service team continuously.


One of the most important factors in our own supplier evaluation is if the supplier is able to replace the spare parts within 24 hours. We can replace 85% of the spare parts of the machines we produce immediately or with priority posting within 24 hours from our own stock.


Our objective is to make our customers feel that they purchase not only a machine but also confidence and a secure background to their valuable asset from us. Our colleagues have the necessary skills, knowledge, tools and software that are needed to detect the errors and fix them as soon as possible. In addition to the above we can offer you the renovation of entire machines of our production on the spot or in our service facilities, reproduction of spare parts, providing training and consultancy services. Good relationship with customers does not end after the machine installation, we provide expert advice, training and continuous development support.

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