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Print Control system

Print image monitoring devices were only capable of displaying a small area of the actual print with a single snapshot, therefore, considerable extra time was required until the total print image control concluded and image detail fully refreshed. This may have taken even 15-30 seconds depending on the size of the monitored area, during this time 100-150 meters of rejective material was produced. The advantage of the print image monitoring device is that it allows us to see the entire print image in its entirety on a large (49”) 4K LED display while image refreshing is less than 1 second. In addition, we include a moving motor unit that allows to zoom on a selected part of the print and display it on a 27 "4K LED monitor. The spectrophotometer on the moving unit can measure color accuracy during printing.

Optional equipment of Print control system:



  • 100% print size monitoring display
    •     Print error detection during printing cycle
    •     Barcode inspection during printing cycle
    •     Color accuracy (RGB) inspection during printing cycle
  • Moving camera
  • Microscope camera
  • Spectrophotometer
  • Automatic compression force adjustment
  • Automatic length and cross register adjustment
  • Print length (rapport) inspection during operation
  • Front and back side register control and automatic adjustment during duplex printing
  • Report preparation for quality control
  • Recipe archiving

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